Children's ministry

Trinity Children and Family Ministry partners with families as we follow Jesus

through intentionally:

  • Providing Peer Group Learning Experiences
  • Fostering Intergenerational Relationships
  • Equipping Family Faith Practices at Home

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    We are all children of God! Trinity encourages children to attend and participate in worship with their families. They will learn how to worship only if they are present. God put the wiggle in them, so don’t feel you have to suppress it in God’s house.

    Trinity’s KidSpace Worship area on the left side of the sanctuary is a designated place where young children can experience worship through age-appropriate worship materials and activities. This space was introduced during our sanctuary renovation in response to a number of shifts and changes in our church. Those shifts include:

    • the desire of parents to have their young children with them,
    • the understanding that children will only learn to worship by regularly being in worship,
    • the difficulty of sustaining grade-level classroom programs due to volunteer resources and family attendance habits,
    • the desire to gather together as a multi-generational church, learning and growing together as the body of Christ.

    Children learn by observing, acquire language by listening and understand by participating. They love rituals and repetition. Think about what adults do in worship on Sunday morning – aren’t we doing the same thing!? It is natural for children to be included in the faith-forming act of worship if we long for them to be a part of the community of faith as they grow and mature.

    Take a look at our Worshipping with Children pew card!

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    Kristan Verveniotis
    Director of Worship, Music, Children and Families