Sermons and Seminars

A worship schedule is available below. 

All of Trinity's sermons are hosted on this page. Click on the box to listen to the sermons and if you'd like to search for a particular preacher or title of the sermon you can do that by clicking on the drop down menus. 

If you'd like to subscribe to our sermons in the form of a podcast you can search Google Play or Itunes for "Trinity Presbyterian Sermons".

Also there are a variety of videos and seminars that you can watch on our Youtube Channel.

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Upcoming Worship Schedule

August 9 - Acts 20:17-38  "Paul and the Ephesian Elders"

August 16 - Acts 22:1-16  "Paul's Conversion"

August 23 - Acts 27:13-43  "The Storm at Sea"

August 30 - Acts 28:1-10  "Snakehandling?"

September 6 - Acts 28:23-31  "With all Boldness and Without Hindrance" -LABOR DAY