Session 2020

As a PC(USA) church, Trinity is self governed by Ruling Elders, when they meet together it is called the Session. 

At the start of this year, your Session met to discern Trinity's priorities for 2020. By identifying priorities for the year, Trinity's worship services, ministry teams, and congregational life all have an aligned vision and purpose.

Through brainstorming, discussion, voting and prayer, Session identified the following priorities for 2020:

- Do Justice: Learn about and do justice in the community and the world.

- Care for the Congregation: Nourish Trinity's community in relationship beyond Sunday morning.  

- Practice Stewardship:  Foster personal stewardship of time, talent, and treasure as a spiritual practice.

We praise God for our fruitful time as a Session, and are so excited to see what happens this year as a result of our priorities.

If you have any questions, I encourage you to reach out to one of your current ruling elders: Margie Barkhau, 

Jim Boso, Pat Brown, Mark Gerhardt, Jim Gernand, Kim Nave, Kelly Richards, Erin Vitus, and Sabine Won. Deborah Kemper is currently serving as the Clerk of Session.

Session Liaisons

Buildings & Grounds: Jim Boso

Stewardship & Finance: Jim Gernand

Trinity Foundation: Margie Barkhau

Leadership & Nominating: Sabine Won

Personnel: Mark Gerhardt

Spiritual Formation: Margie Barkhau

Worship: Kelly Richards

Connections: Karen Gernand

Preschool: Kim Nave

Children's Ministry: Erin Vitus

Sticky Faith: Mark Gerhardt

Community Outreach: Pat Brown

Global Outreach: Pat Brown

If you would like to contact them, you can find their contact info on the Online Directory
or send an email to Trinity office to help get in touch with the members of session.