Upon the death of a loved one, a member or non-member may choose to have a worship service at Trinity for the purpose of giving thanks for the gift of this person’s life and to proclaim our hope in the resurrection. If a casket or urn is present for this service it is called a Funeral, if not it is called a Memorial Service. The worship service may or may not be planned in conjunction with the committal service. A committal service only may be requested at a graveside or columbarium or for the scattering of ashes.

A service is scheduled by the presiding pastor at a time that works best for the church and the family involved. The pastor will meet with the person(s) requesting the service to plan what will be included. When the service is held at the church, a reception afterward can be arranged by the deacons upon request. An honorarium for worship leaders (organist, soloist) may be requested.

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