youth ministry at Trinity

A few years ago Trinity experienced a tremendous shift in Youth Ministry. The way we'd been doing Youth Ministry just wasn't working anymore. So after a period of discernment, Trinity discovered Fuller Seminary's youth ministry model called "Sticky Faith."

What is Sticky Faith? Check out the video below.

The Fuller professors and researchers discovered that there are three critical principles for the life of a church to engage in to help nurture a life long faith in teens. These principles are:

  • Preach a grace based gospel, rather than focusing on behaviors
  • Involve teens in the whole life of the church, pursue inter-generational not multi-generational ministry
  • Empower parents as the most significant faith influence for their child.

Trinity guides every decision made in Youth Ministry with these three principles in mind. We don't have a weekly youth group gathering because we prefer to invite, empower, and involve teens in the whole life of the church. 

middle school Ministry

Sunday School Year Schedule (Phish Phood)

Middle School students (grades 6th-8th) will start in worship and then be excused to the youth room where Grapple is the name of the game! We’ll explore tough questions and come up with the Bible’s smartest answers. Through community building, games, prayers and dares the kids will ask questions about faith, choices and relationships. They’ll learn how to search the Bible for answers and build a faith they can own. 

Middle School Fun Nights

Middle school students from time to time get together for an evening of food and fun.

High School Activities

Mexico Mission Trip

Every year for the past 30+ years Trinity has sent and will continue to send high school students to Tijuana to build house and share the gospel with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Mexico. Go to the main Mexico Mission Trip page for more info.