Trinity Presbyterian preschool

Tel. (650) 593-0770

Cultivating a Lifelong Love of Learning

Trinity Preschool, located in San Carlos, CA, has been enriching the lives of Bay Area families for more than 50 years as a cooperative preschool for children ages two to six years old. 

We believe play-based and experiential preschool is the best way to prepare children for a life of learning. Our twice a month coop gives parents the opportunity to engage with their child, while learning more about early childhood education and parenting from our incredible teaching staff. 

Our preschool gives children a unique environment to learn how to do things for themselves and successfully interact with other people. The play based curriculum is designed to achieve not only kindergarten readiness, but to prepare children for a lifetime of success in all their endeavors, by teaching them self-control, problem solving and how to interact respectfully with other people. 

Our two, three and four year old programs support children where they are developmentally, while upholding, building upon, and preserving their sense of self-worth. 

In our play-centered preschool curriculum, teachers leverage children's developing ideas, interests, and competencies to promote learning through play, circle-time, and small-group activities. Play is not a break from the curriculum; play is the best way to implement the curriculum. Teachers facilitate through responsive interactions with children, based on an understanding of how play contributes to academic and social learning.