As part of a desire to create greater connections within

the church, Trinity is looking to tell its own stories, so that

those within the church can have a greater understanding

of its members and their impact, all for the glory of God

and his church. #TrinityStories

A Story of Trinity Foundation Support

by Scott McMullin

Scott McMullin is a member of the Trinity Foundation Ministry Team. This group has the awesome privilege of directing Foundation support to areas where it can have a life-changing impact.

Recently the Trinity Foundation received an email from David Shearin of Streetlife Ministries, asking if we could help a young mother with deposit and first month's rent so she could move into an apartment. We had provided something similar for a married couple last year that David referred to us, who were making the move from homelessness to an apartment that they could afford. We try to pay attention to the requests that come from David Shearin, but we had to wonder how many such situations exist, and is this really the best use of Trinity Foundation support funds. Then we learned more from someone that David know:

"A little back story, and i hope this helps. Cira was hospitalized about 4 years ago because she was in a domestic violence marriage. Two years ago she finally had the courage to leave him with her 2 young daughters. Cira has since lived in a shelter in San Mateo twice because she couldn't find a stable place to live. At one point she was renting out a living room. She and her 6th grade daughter suffer from depression. The father is an alcoholic and not really in their lives. Cira has come such a long way from where she was 4 years ago. She will finally have a consistent home for her and her two daughters. She also volunteers at Fair Oaks when she is not working. 

True story."

This really hit home, making us see that this could be a critical turning point for a good person and her young daughters, who have been in a pretty dark place through no fault of their own. Looking into it further, we learned that the apartment in question was one of the low-income housing units created by St. Francis Center in Redwood City. That clinched it for us, and we provided the funds that were needed. For the truly small amount of $1,688 Trinity was able to play a role in a potentially life-changing transition. We don't always see the things that God puts in front of us. In this case he nudged us through our love for Streetlife Ministries, our love for St. Francis Center, and the compelling background of the story. We hope we will be able to meet Cira and her daughters someday, and to see good things happen in their lives.