Sermons, Seminars And Worship schedule

Upcoming worship schedule is available below. 

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Upcoming Worship Schedule

May 9 - “Look to Jesus” Hebrews 12:1-13 (Pastor Kurt)

May 16 - "Doers of the Word" James 1:19-27 (Pastor Mary)

May 23 - Pentecost  - “Presbyterians!” I Peter 5:1-11 (Pastor Kurt)

May 30 - "God Is Love" I John 4:1-12 (Pastor Mary)

June 6 - Jude 1 "Called and Beloved" (Pastor Kurt)

June 13 - Revelation (Pastor Mary)

June 20 - Daniel 3 "The Fiery Furnace" ( Pastor Kurt)

June 27 - Hosea 14 "Love them Freely" (Pastor Kurt)

July 4 - Joel

July 11 - Amos & Obadiah

July 18 - Jonah & Nahum

July 24 - Micah

August 1 - Habakkuk

August 8 - Zephaniah

August 15 - Haggai

August 22 - Zechariah

August 29 - Malachi